Media Ministries

Lineage is a ministry geared towards producing multi-faceted educational resources that aim to make history both relevant and accessible to people of all ages. In many ways knowing our past can help us to understand where we come from, why we are here, and where we should be going.

The Firstlight channel aims to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Firstlight will broadcast messages of hope; clear and concise explanations from God’s word that leave no room for error or compromise. Also available on a free mobile APP.

The Incredible Journey is a ministry passionate about communicating the good news of Christ and His soon return. This ministry group is devoted to giving Biblical answers to life’s questions through various methods and media. The speaker is Pastor Gary Kent.

A full-throttle gospel ministry, urgent to hasten the second coming of Christ, by spreading the good news of His saving grace, in the context of the three angels’ messages, as fast and as far as possible with the talents and resources God gives us. Find us on YouTube.

Little Light Studios uses media to: Illuminate Biblical truth, Expose spiritual darkness and clarify the character of God. One of the thought provoking and challenging presentations is Battle Field Hollywood

Amazing Facts is a multifaceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. The President/Speaker is Pr Doug Batchelor. There is also a free mobile APP available.

Secrets Unsealed is committed to upholding, proclaiming and multiplying the unique end-time Present Truth message to the whole world.  The President/Speaker is Pastor Stephen P. Bohr. Also available on SUMtv app.

Amazing Discoveries™ is committed to exposing deception in the spiritual realm and restoring the truth about God and His Word. The Scientist and Speaker is Prof. Walter J. Veith. There is a free mobile APP available.

It Is Written is a media evangelism ministry sharing the everlasting gospel worldwide. Current Speaker/Director is Pr John Bradshaw. There is also a free mobile app available.

White Horse Media is a Christian media ministry dedicated to “revealing His light in darkness” through radio, television, books, etc. The Speaker/Director is Steve Wohlberg.

Hope Channel offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses on faith, health, relationships, and community.  A free mobile app is available. 

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is dedicated to proclaiming the messages of Revelation 14. There is a free mobile APP available. 

Serving persecuted Christians with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers. Watch and Listen to the Voices of Martyrs across the world. Subscribe to our Youtube channel.

KINGDOM COME TRILOGY is a three part documentary exploring what the Bible says about your future.

Part 1: Destiny
Part 2: Dominion
Part 3: Downfall