The full SDA Bible Commentary can be bought from Logos Bible Software for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. This will be the complete set. Logos APPS available for Apple and Google.

Seventh-day Adventist Biblical Doctrines

AudioVerse is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, with an online collection of thousands of Bible-based media content that is available for anyone in the world to stream and download for free in several languages. There is also a free app available for Apple and Google.

The American Christian Ministries provide online sermons that are Spirit-filled messages on practical godliness to help prepare a people for the final events of earth's history and the second coming of our Lord. There is also a free app available for Apple and Google.

Daniel & Revelation

Seventh-day Adventist History

Ellen G. White

For iPhone/iPad, there is a free app called "EGW Writings" that can be downloaded from the App Store. There is also a Google app available. Alternatively visit the EGW Writings website.

Discipleship and Witnessing

Media Ministries

Amazing Facts is a multifaceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. There is a free Amazing Facts Ministry app available from the Apple store and Google.

Secrets Unsealed is committed to upholding, proclaiming and multiplying the unique end-time Present Truth message. You can access this through SUMtv with Google or Apple. Available in English and Spanish.

Amazing Discoveries™ is committed to exposing deception in the spiritual realm and restoring the truth about God and His Word through the proclamation of the three angels’ messages. There is an app available for Apple and Google.

It Is Written is a media evangelism ministry sharing the everlasting gospel worldwide. There is a mobile app available for Apple. You can also watch online. This is available in English and Spanish.

Hope Channel offers programs on wholistic Christian living.  Hope Channel can be found in Africa, North America, Inter-America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The app is available on Apple and Google. Hope Channel in NZ is available on FREEVIEW.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) offers hope on a wide range of topics for all ages. There is a free app available for Apple and Google. There is also 3ABN Australia. You will also find on the 3ABN website other languages and kids programs. is a free video-on-demand service providing various topics on the big questions of life! There is also an SeekTv App available for Apple TV. You can also join the SeekTv Facebook community for regular updates.